Brouwersgracht 161
1015 GG Amsterdam

Opening Hours
Wednesday till Saturday 
10.00 – 17.00
Or by appointment

Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary Art is the brainchild of Marian van Zijll Langhout, who was inspired to found the space after already having established an extensive track record in hosting exhibitions via her accountancy firm.
The intimate gallery space functions as a democratic platform for ideas and debates around contemporary art. The programme is characterized by its diversity, as interpretations of classical motifs meet new media and performances form exhibitions that are shaped by process.

Artists: Fraser Stewart, Marcel van den Berg, Martyn F. Overweel, Kristina Benjocki, Rumiko Hagiwara, Arnout Killian, Joep van Liefland, Leonard van Munster, Sanghee Song, Leonid Tsvetkov and others.

Current exhibition

Van Zijll Langhout / Contemporary art is proud to present the exhibition ‘Même si c’est la nuit part 2’ by Vincent Ceraudo (FR, 1986). 

Opening Saturday June 27.

The shows on view in the gallery until the end of July, July 31.

Vincent Ceraudo 1986
Lives and works in Rotterdam/Parijs.  artist

Multimedia artist Vincent Ceraudo (De Atelier 2016-2018);
My works is ranging from video installations to films, incorporating various technologies and images, photographs, writings, installation and performances. My interests are focusing towards forms of practices and expressions which occurs at the crossroads of contemporary arts, fringe-science, anthropology, architecture, but also the confluence between technology and occultism or whether history of colonialism and modernity.
At the very heart of my practice occurs the fascination and the desire of man for transcendence, his desire to temporarily escape the influence of the body and the real, and thus to reach inaccessible worlds. How can this kind of experience can be shared and communicated? Is language a sufficient tool to report these trips elsewhere, and how can we record the fluctuations of these kind of flux and thoughts ?

Liminality (2017-2020) 7 x

Relating the photographic process itself with the concept of projection, Liminality (2017- 2020) is a series of 7 Photograms made by trying to induce an Out Of Body Experience to the photographic negative itself.

Technique: Photography, Abstract
Size: 80 x 65 x 3 cm each
Authenticity: Work signed by the artist Certificate provided
Edition: 1 out of 4
Price range: € 1.000 – € 2.000

The shows on view in the gallery until the end of July, July 31.

Untitled (Les Objets Magiques), 2020 5x

The new sculpturals works : untitled (les objets magiques), is inspired by an investigation made by André Breton regarding what he defined “L’Art Magique” (objects and practices related to magic). In a contemporary era which would have made the fiction of magic disappear in favor of a magic of fiction. The personal perception of the world and those objects – thus delighting a more intimate space, that which we could have called “superstition” or feeling of the sacred, is an entry for the artist to explore this relation of magic driving.

Sculpture, 3 Dimensional
Technique:  Plaster, resyn, epoxy, wax.
Series of unique objects, size variable.
Authenticity: Certificate provided
Edition: Unique work
Price range: € 1.000 – € 2.000