New collective consisting of galleries located in the North Jordaan area, Amsterdam.

Have you ever thought about visiting galleries instead of going to a museum? Not indoors, walking from room to room, but outside, in the fresh air, going from gallery to gallery in one of Amsterdam’s most talked about neighbourhoods. Around the Noorderkerk, seven galleries with their own up-to-date, national and international art have joined forces to give you and your guests a unique experience.

Is it impossible for you to come and see the art in person? We can also be visited extensively online, at www.onlinegallerytour.com. We also organise group tours with professional guides who can tell you not only about the art, but also about the special architecture such as the renowned courtyards and old cafes. Sign up at www.arttra.com/galerietocht

Rembrandt sold his paintings and prints in the Jordaan. And to this day, one feels this artistic echo from the past in this area. Feel the energetic vibrations and let yourself be surprised. Often the gallery owners themselves are present to show you the work.

From the first of June 2020 www.onlinegallerytour.com is online. Many participating galleries will open with new presentations on June 6, 2020. Due to the coronavirus, the opening hours on that day will be extended so that everyone can view the works at an appropriate distance. Check the website for full information.

On 18 July and 19 September, tours will be provided for small groups. For more information and participation, please sign up at: https://www.arttra.com/galerietocht/

We wish everyone a great day in the bustling heart of the arts in the North Jordaan.

For more information and images, please contact: